Student Testimonials 3

At the end of every course at the Nails and Beauty Academy, we ask our wonderful students to kindly complete our feedback forms. Check out the handful of comments about us below!


The teaching was excellent and very easy to understand. The tutor made us feel comfortable & we were always able to ask questions and she always answered so we could follow.

I enjoyed the course immensely and I am please I chose the Nails and Beauty Academy.

René. Crawley.
Masters Nail Technician Course

It was very good. It was easy to understand even though my English is not very good could understand. Our teacher was great.

Keti. Greater London.
Make-up Course + Masters Nail Technician Course


Cydney. West Sussex.
Masters Nail Technician Course


Mary. Ashford.
Masters Nail Technician Course


Mary. Caterham.
Masters Nail Technician Course

Very informed, structured and easily explained. Very good teacher. I really enjoyed it, every day was different and fun.

Keziah. Southgate.
Make-up Course

I enjoyed the course

Rupal. Hatfield.
Masters Nail Technician Course

Great teacher who really knows how to provide the service. I understood everything she taught and found it relatively easy. It was a great laugh, made my time there really enjoyable. Great course.

Deisy. Northumberland.
Masters Nail Technician Course

It was great. I've really learned a lot from the course. Things that I have never heard of like sculpting was very interesting. I enjoyed the course a lot. The teacher helped us a lot and taught us, really well, the things we need to know to be a good nail technician.

Natoya. London.
Masters Nail Technician Course


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