Women always want to look great. This short guide will introduce you to the fabulously exciting opportunity in your life: setting up your own nail salon.

Starting Your Nail Salon

So you’ve gone on a nail course and you’ve passed all your exams. What’s next? You have two main options. Many people choose to start their own mobile nail salon, whereas others dedicate all their time and resources to a stand-alone nail salon.

Starting a Mobile Salon


  • You can manage your time more effectively and only book clients when you want.
  • You don’t have the burden of overheads.
  • Relatively low start-up costs.


  • More difficult to find clients
  • Many people do not want strangers in their homes.

Setting up a nail  salon shop


  • More noticeable
  • More valued in the community
  • Fabulous opportunities for expansion


  • Need to ensure you stick to the opening hours – you can never be late for work!
  • Stress of dealing with all the administration of running a shop, such as licences, rental costs, business rates etc.
  • Need to buy all the equipment and ensure your salon looks amazing from inception.


Licenses for a Nail Salon?

In most areas of the world, a nail salon comes under a specific type of license for shop-owners. You’ll need to contact your local council for advice on this important matter. You may also require treatment licenses for yourself and each of your therapists. This generally means that every member of staff that will be treating clients will also need to be qualified and licensed.



This article cannot and does not substitute for legal advice about nail salon regulations in the United States as a whole or in any and all U.S., UK or any and all other country’s legal jurisdiction. We cannot accept responsibility for either health or legal problems that may result from following the advice presented here. If you operate a commercial establishment and provide nail technician services to the public, consult the rules and health regulations in your area. This article cannot and must not be used as a substitute for professional legal advice. The content of this article on how to set up a nail salon is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice in any way. This article has been published purely for informational purposes only.


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