Salons throughout the UK are reporting massive demand for eyelash extensions as a this season’s must have.

Women’s fascination with longer, thicker lashes has never been so important as Spring 2012.  Mascaras and ointments are simply too inadequate for demanding fashion-conscious ladies, desiring to embellish what nature has provided them with.  Salons have been hit with an impossible task of satisfying expectations: throughout the UK alone, salons have reported an eye-watering 78% increase in demand for more beautiful lashes, with semi-permanent eyelashes hitting the bill.  Salons have realised that, to keep their customers satisfied, beauticians have had to rush to sign up for an eyelash extension course.

Lash treatments should last 6 to 12 weeks, with regular 3-weekly maintenance appointments in between, to ensure they’re always in tip-top condition.  A small investment of time, to look stunning 100% of the time, is seen as an absolute necessity to keeping ahead in the beauty stakes.


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