As hot pinks, zingy purples and blues, cappuccinos and the more straight-laced, manicure pink and whites, hit the streets of London, women scour the shelves of fashion stores to match their Spring 2012 nail polish with something new to wear for the season.

A careful study of the seasonal nail colour is a must for those wishing to be in vogue or following a nail course.  For those less concerned with fashion trends, clarets and the deepest damson are the only colours to drench their manicured nails, whatever the season’s dicta.

With so much choice, so much freedom to adorn nails with pure inspiration, London ladies lead the way in high fashion talons and it is only a matter of time before those in the provinces of the UK latch on to what is surely recognised as the smart girl’s best friend.

A professional range of nail polish is soon to hit UK stores, stay tuned for more exciting information.


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