Leaving home without make up is, to 66% of women, worse than attending an interview, so expert  women’s psychologist, Dr Jessica Arnold proclaims.  From an employer’s perspective, however, too much make up is a definite no-no in the work place, giving the impression of a lack of integrity or professionalism.  In stark contrast, it is difficult for all not to agree that a well-groomed woman, with nails that are neatly polished, long or short, is key to maintaining the good opinion of clients; with some employers even going as far as insisting on regular manicures and nail treatments, as part of the company policy on dress code.


To many women, a trip down to the local nail salon is a treat they would rather tighten their belt for and go without lunch than miss an opportunity to pamper their nails.   In light of this, many nail course tutors advise trainee nail technicians to go the extra mile and deduce, like make up artists, the client’s colour season.  Cool colours for winter, hot and spicy for summer, warm glowing autumnal colours or fresh crisp spring colours, the nail technician needs an artistic eye to tailor the treatment to suit each individual client.


A little nail art offers a touch of individuality, encapsulating a go-ahead, pioneering impression in the minds of new clients.  A flick of contrasting or complimenting colour and dots spotted along even just the ring fingernail, give that breakaway , ‘I’m not scared to do more than my peers’ air that is attractive to client’s who want only the best.


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