Ever thought about becoming a hand model and earning £600 plus VAT a day?  Well it’s not as difficult as some may think!  Provided the hands are kept in tip-top condition and the nails well-groomed, those thinking of making a living from their pretty paws can be assured of a handsome nest-egg.


A nail course is not just for nail technicians to learn the know-how of all things hands and feet, many clients have particular reasons for grooming their hands and feet on a more frequent basis than the regular throng of clientele: their nails are their livelihood.  Many a hand model has attended training seminar, to be sure of tending her own nails as and when the need arises.  Hints and tips, learned by the nail technician, are not the preserve of a very few, but are eagerly sought by the many.

Those with a particular need to maintain their own nails are too impatient to wait for their nail tech to book them in for a session, should their nail snap; they are simply going to have to repair and nourish their own nails like the experts, without the huge cost that would surely follow, if they were to visit the salon every other day.  With a short course, even the least dexterous of trainees can learn to properly care for their own nails.


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