Salons the world over are beginning to see an increase in male clientele. Attracting more male customers is one of the most difficult tasks of a beauty or nail salon manager, so we’ve set up a quick guide on how you can get more men in your salon in a few easy steps!



Just like women, men don’t really want to be watched as they have a pedicure treatment or even a facial or waxing treatment. Ensure you always perform sensitive treatments out of view of, not only passersby, but also in-salon customers. One of the best techniques is to simply have a curtain around your pedicure spa chair. This way, any passerby to see that you offer pedicures when it is not in use.


Special Treatment Offers

Do you have a ladies night offer or a Mother’s day deal? Well why not have a special offer treatment menu for your male customers as well? In addition, try and have a separate menu for your male customers, this way they don’t feel like they’re out of place. Perhaps offer pedicures with less scented solution and more focus on the massage manoeuvres and preparation of the nails.


Make Your Salon Neutral

If your nail or beauty salon is bright pink or violet and screaming chick heaven, you might find it a little bit more difficult to attract male clientele! Try adding more wood effects and neutral greens and browns to your salon. This more unisex style of design is far more likely to attract more male clients whilst not compromising on the attractiveness of your salon for the ladies.


Magazines in Reception

So you’ve got all the week’s magazines so all the women can catch up on the latest gossip and read about the latest products on the market, so why not grab a few men’s magazines, such as car magazines, sports etc. This will also make them feel more comfortable in an environment that may feel quite foreign to them.



Many hairdressing salons have already picked up on adding drinks on top of their service. While your clients wait, whether they be male or female, it’s a fabulous idea to offer them free drinks of coffee, tea, fruit juice, wine and even beer. This allows the men to feel more comfortable, knowing that men are rather privy to your salon, so much so that you offer beer while they wait! You may need to check with local council regulations before serving alcohol in your salon.


What Channel?

If you’ve got a lot of guys in your salon, why not change the TV channel to a sports game? It’s one of the best methods of ensuring your male customers are even more comfortable with the environment they’re in.


Cross-store Offers

Take advantage of your neighbouring shops, if there’s a shoe store, especially a jogging shoe shop or sports shop nearby, try asking them to mention your salon. Many joggers would love a good pedicure treatment after a long slog, so you might be the perfect choice! Same goes for gyms and any other places where men might visit and have ultimate relaxation on their mind.


Couple’s Deals

Tell all your female clients to bring their male companions to the salon next time for a half price treatment of their choice. This forces the men to come into the salon and realise its actually quite a normal occurrence and you might just find they visit again – all alone, or with their friends too!


Have The Skills

If you’re a salon owner or an employee, its important to have the skills you need in order to offer all the services your clients might request, from manicure and pedicure through to waxing and threading, ensure you know how to deal with a request and be able to offer the treatment your client has asked for. For some, this means attending nail courses if the clients want nail technician services. For threading, it might be a good idea to attend threading courses and so on. Always ensure you are able to offer all the treatments you should be offering and more!


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