People who attend professional nail courses must ensure their brushes are free from dirt and any residue from the overlay applications they have been using on their clients nails.


The brushes should also be cleaned regularly in order to help prevent infection.


In a recent review of Salon hygiene standards, the lack of hygiene surrounding nail brushes was “dismal”, says Hanna Harding of PPQTI Testing Services.


She recommended at least a once per week deep clean of the utensils and brushes as well as a daily clean for brushes used more often, such as kolinsky nail brushes and UV gel nail brushes.

Another tip from most nail technicians, as well as Miss Harding was to ensure you do not use your brush once its past its optimum usage, ie. once it starts to fray at the edges…get a new one! Clients are paying for a professional service, ensure you keep it that way!



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