With the wedding season just a few months away, now is the perfect time to start your campaign to attract more brides to your beauty or nail salon. Nail technicians and beauty therapists throughout the world are forever competing against one another to reach the most brides at this competitive time of year. Now, with our list of 8 techniques to be best you can, you should find your wedding season that little bit more interesting!

Here’s our top 8 tips to acquiring more bridal custom this year:-

1. Planning is Key

Create a marketing plan for your business. Sounds very time-consuming but it will, most probably, work out to be very useful in the future.

2. Create a Special Bridal Services Package

Brides want to feel special on their wedding day and spend a tremendous amount on looking fabulous for their big day. Creating an exclusive treatment menu, just for brides, may be the ultimate attraction when they make the decision on which salon to commission their services.

3. Talk

It is just as important to make treatments available to clients, as it is to let them know about you! If they don’t know you exist, how are you going to allow the brides to find you? Speak to everyone about the service you offer.

Bridal Nail and Beauty Treatments

Bridal Nail and Beauty Treatments Can Dramatically Increase nail salon profits

4. Superior Customer Service

‘The customer is always right’ have you heard this popular phrase before? Its because you need to keep this in mind at all times, show complete and utter respect to the clients who place their trust in you. You will find, over time, your nail salon customer base will rise, purely through word of mouth advertising.

5. Acquire Specialist Training

Perhaps consider attending more specialised nail courses, add more bridal make-up skills to your portfolio, or even attend a bridal hair training course, to offer your brides the one-stop service for all the treatments they desire.

6. Host Events

Demonstrate the looks that you and your staff can achieve, offer free mini-treatments and hand out your contact/business cards. Your salon will be the talk of the town and you will almost certainly gain more interest and perhaps mentions in your local papers.

7. Market Your Services Throughout the Country

Yes, it may be expensive, but many brides travel to a location they prefer and many even hire out mobile beauty therapists and nail technicians who make the brides look gorgeous on-location.

8. Use Social Media

Just like most nail salons, using Facebook® etc. always generates some interest, ask all your friends, create and join groups and make everyone aware of your special deals for brides, your superior services for brides and your fabulous customer service.

That’s all we could think of, but if you’ve got any other tips and tricks, make sure you add it to our Facebook® page, just click the share button at the top of this page.

Good luck for your busy bridal season!




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