Students on nail courses learn about callus removers and their effectiveness at removing unwanted hard calluses from the feet. Callus remover works by softening the calluses making them easier to remove by filing during pedicure treatments.

What is in Callus Remover?

You have three important ingredients in callus remover. One of which is Urea. Urea is very good at hydrating the skin cells, making the job of filing much easier. It is usually produced in labs by reacting carbon dioxide and ammonia together. Urea is naturally produced by the liver in humans.

Another key ingredient is potassium hydroxide. This compound works strongly against calluses and destroys the bonds between the cells of the callus, making it easier for a nail technician to remove.

Another useful ingredient is salicylic acid. This acid removes the dead skin cells from the surface of the callus and allows for slightly easier filing using a pedicure tool.

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