During the Christmas period, the nail art industry booms. This years predicted best sellers include glitter, striping tape and the latest deep red shades of UV Gel polish. Students on nail courses may be interested to know that the Christmas period in the nail technician industry is a very important income boost for most salons.

Using glitter in nail art designs has become extremely popular in recent years, especially with the advent of nail foils, the idea of decorating the nails to the farthest extreme no longer seems daunting.

Although the best option for anyone who would like to be able to apply nail art and create professional-grade designs, would be to attend some nail courses, many video hosting websites also provide simple tutorials for non-professionals, where any budding nail artist can follow the instructional video and create some superb designs.

There are also a number of fabulous suppliers of nail art, such as Nail Supplies 24/7 where professional nail technicians can browse hundreds of different nail art products quickly and easily.


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