A question submitted by one of our readers went something a little like this:

“My nail polish that I just bought from my local newsagents is all thick and gloopy and it doesn’t smell the same as other polish”

Usually, when your nail polish is gloopy, its either because you’ve left it in front of the window or its very old. You could try dripping some nail polish remover in the polish bottle, this will thin it out a little. If you’ve just bought it, however, then perhaps you should consider returning the product.

Nail polish, just like most other cosmetic products turn a little sour after a while. The small jar on the label often has a number in it, this number signifies the number of months you should keep the product before its due for a visit to the dustbin.

Students on nail courses learn not only how to use nail polish, but also how to recognise good quality products in order to maintain the loyalty of their customers.

Learning about nails is not just a matter of applying polish, there is a whole wealth of knowledge to be found in the world of nail technology.


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