A surge in popularity of the UV gel soak off polishes has seen wholesalers sales increase dramatically. Students on nail courses often wonder which is the best product to use for their clients.

We outline some of the benefits of each type of treatment.

The standard UV gel in a pot is still just as versatile as the polish, the only difference being the packaging. There are some UV gel polishes that are actually thinner to apply on the nail and soak off a little quicker, however.

Gel polish is popular, mainly because nail technician’s clients are already familiar with nail polish and the crossover to UV gel polish is not too dramatically different for them.

The only downside to having UV gel polish, as opposed to using a pot and UV gel brush, is that if beginners, such as those who have only just completed a nail course, leave their brush near to the lamp, they will find it solidifies pretty quickly! Given that most brushes are in fact made from nylon, you cannot soak the gel off in acetone, so the £15 or so pounds spent would have been completely wasted. That’s why you need to practise, practise and practise more to get those nail techniques down to a fine and precise art!


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