Base coat and top coat are a vital part of any professional paint and shape treatment, students on nail courses have today learned. Its not just professional nail technicians who understand and appreciate the importance of using such products on their clients. The general public are now becoming more and more aware of why base and top coats are used on the nail.

So, What’s Base Coat?

Base coat is a fabulous product that acts similar to a sticky sticker or double-sided sticky tape. It adheres to the nail effectively and also adheres to the polish applied upon it. Base coat is also very useful for those who don’t want their nails to be stained by the colour of polish they apply.

What about Top Coat?

Many think that base coat and top coat are the same product – well they’re not! OK, so you can get some products that have both base coat and top coat within the same bottle, but when the bottle only says base coat, its just base coat! Top coat is designed to seal in the nail polish and leave your nails with a beautiful shine. Generally, top coat dries very quickly.

The main difference between these two coats is that they are not effected by the pigments which can alter the properties of the formulation. People who have learned how to do nails on a nail course should already know all about the differences between most products in the industry.

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