Mineral cosmetics pioneer, Jane Iredale, has been invited to visit the whiter house. Barack Obama has invited her to attend an event intended to help boost the job market in the United States.

The CEO of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics Ltd, noted, “For seventeen years, reinvesting in our business has been critical in order to maximise the opportunities in the beauty industry at home and abroad. I feel a responsibility, especially now, to continue that investment both in our loyal employees and the people who partner with us in business. This is not the time to be faint-hearted.”

Jane Iredale was part of a group of small business directors from throughout the USA who had heard of The American Jobs Act, which is aimed to create new opportunities for workers, across the country.

For many students on nail courses who may want to work in the US, news of new legislation may be of benefit to them. To find out more information, visit the USA.gov website for information on almost everything USA-related.


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