A large number of prospective nail technicians on nail courses have often wondered whether inhaling products, such as nail polish every day (as part of their job) could be bad for their health.

We performed some research and found that the questions were actually fairly common throughout the world. Research carried out by a team of professional Ph.D qualified researchers found that prolonged use may cause adverse affects.

The study surveyed 33 nail technicians working in salons and compared their results with those from 33 members of the public who are not exposed to nail polish on a daily basis.

The study produced the following results:

  • Learning and memory skills showed no difference between the groups.
  • Nail Technician’s sense of smell was statistically worse than the control group’s.

So whether its nail polish or other factors that cause a loss of smell we may never know. The survey did not take in to account many factors which may have been necessary to form a valid conclusion.



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