Glee star Lea Michele consistently pulls off stunning looks with a graceful style. Her relaxed manner and smooth outfits on the red carpets of this year’s Emmys really stood out from the stars.

Students on nail courses always wonder how they can replicate the stunning shades on many movie star’s nails. So many have such stunning designs, it’s hard to choose the perfect design.

Lea wore a stunning red dress which featured a draped back and flared shoulders. The outfit perfectly complimented her white polish that really made the actress look truly elegant on the red carpet.

For anyone attending nail courses, it is also a great option to attend a make-up artist training seminar, whether its with the Academy or not, just to have a grounding in colour choice and know how to mix and match the perfect shades, create stunning contours and have stunning nails to add to any model’s all-round beauty.


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