A new survey has announced that women spend an astonishing £100, 000 on cosmetics over their lifetime! That amounts to around £40 per week or, even more shocking £2000 per year!

It was also found that almost two thirds of women surveyed would rather have make-up than their boyfriend and another 2 thirds stated that they would prefer make-up than a candle-lit dinner.

People attending nail courses also believe that wearing nail polish, even if it’s  just a light shade of pink, is extremely important. In terms of the most important cosmetic items, we’ve gathered the following data:-

  1. Foundation
  2. Eye-shadow
  3. Lipstick
  4. Nail Polish
  5. Blusher
  6. Mascara

Interestingly, nail polish came in 4th most popular with blusher and mascara not far behind.

Amazingly, people spend almost £20 a month on nail polish alone with the majority of other items being replaced when its most necessary. The average price of a woman’s make-up bag is £130. A price that could take you to France and back with a little spending money on top!


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