In recent news, oil prices have been dramatically increasing. As a result, most of the world’s industries are effected, particularly the plastics sectors.

Polyethylene, one of the most popular plastics for packaging materials and some tools in the nail industry, has seen rises by between 15% and 30% in just one month.

The plastic tips that we use to apply nail extensions have also risen in price recently, often reaching over £20 for just 360 tips in a 10-selection box. As a side note, Nail Supplies 24/7 sell nail tips for just £12.99 for 500 in a bag. Those on nail courses may find such remarkable prices extremely useful. It has been predicted that most beauty products, including nail products, will be affected by the rises in oil prices.

With much of the beauty chemical industries products relying on oil, it is no surprise that we, as consumers, are finding it hard to find a truly great deal anymore.


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