Nail technicians throughout the country have noticed a sudden surge in the numbers of people requesting more bronze shades and nail art applications. Even nail courses have a slight focus on learning how to apply bronze polish and nail art products.

For the most part of Summer, Britain saw more and more rain, yet again, so its no surprise that people want to have that Summer bronze looking skin that we were so dismally deprived of.

New gold and bronze shades have recently emerged on the market, including golden shades of UV gel, such as this gold colour gel from Nail Supplies 24/7.

While people learn the skills for painting and shaping nails on nail courses, they often do not learn about how to monitor the fashion industry, to try and see what colours they should promote to their clients for the next season. Apparently, using this technique could bring in an extra 20% of clients.

The nail industry is a fun-filled and exciting industry to be part of. Indulging in colours and trends is just one of many different areas that students must be aware of when working with nails.


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