For decades, millions and millions of pounds have been dedicated to researching new and improved hand creams that work with your skin to create a softer, more delicate appearance and feel.

Despite the best efforts of some of the leading chemists in the world, natural alternatives are still one of the most popular choices with people. Many attending nail courses use a variety of different hand creams on their clients. Despite this, they also learn about alternative – and a little more messy – products. One of the most popular natural alternatives is honey.

Honey promoted new tissue development, such as the growth of new skin. It also contains very mild Hydroxy Acids which loosen the bonds between new and old skin cells, therefore, removing the dead skin and making you look more gorgeous than ever before.

People on nail courses today learned that for the superior effects of honey to be most effective, the honey must be raw and not pasteurised. As pasteurising involved high temperatures, it can denature the enzymes in the honey that make it such a valuable natural resource.


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