During the recession of 2011, nail salons have to cut costs in an attempt to stay afloat with competition and maintain their businesses. We analyse some of the most common methods salons use so that we all may benefit.


More Training

A number of salons are investing in further training in order to offer even more services to their customers. Professional nail courses, such as the ones available at the Academy provide students with the majority of skills any clients could ask for. Learning different skills such as silk or fibreglass wraps can help salons get the edge over the competition and build a larger clientele.


No More Flyers

Some nail salons have stopped providing treatment menus to their clients, as these are an additional cost amounting to almost £300 per year!


Staff Loss

Its something no salon that no salon really wants to do, but for many, an essential action to take in order to maintain many businesses in these harsh times.


Anything Else?

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