For many nail salons throughout the world, creating an effective and efficient booking system is difficult, to say the least. For many, its a simple spreadsheet with dates and times as the rows and columns. We took a look at the latest booking system methods and programs that make salon-owner’s lives easier.

For people who have recently completed nail courses also urgently seek an appropriate method of organising and booking in their clients. For many, a black one day-to-a-page diary is sufficient. For those salons who have more than 20 clients a day, however, a hand-written account of all customers is simply not sufficient.

Many use their home-computers to run applications such as salon booking systems and many simply use an online diary service, such as the ones freely available from their operating system or even their favorite search engine.

If anybody reading has any other salon booking systems or methods that they would like to share, just drop us an e-mail and we’ll add as much as we can!


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