For participants of nail courses, the UV gel overlay is a significantly important skill to master. With recent developments in nail technology, the standard UV gel overlay has transformed from the pot form, to the bottle. Most of the leading brands and even some new companies have been keen to introduce their range of nail polish-like UV gels on the market. The courses at the Academy teach students how to apply the UV gel overlay, so they should feel competent enough to use a variety of different products.

The pot form enables nail technicians to use the paint brushes to achieve their desired effect. This method of packaging the product also enables nail technicians to take advantage of the thicker, builder or sculpting, gel which can be used in conjunction with nail forms to perform sculpting treatments for their clients. Sculpting is just one of several different skills learned on nail courses whilst attending the Academy.

Nail technicians in salons use the standard UV gel polish much more than the builder gel or even the standard UV gel in pot form. Some say it is easier to use and many others have chosen to use this product due to customer demand.

The popularity of this professional UV polish product has grown astonishingly in the past year or so. Now, a number of the general, untrained, public have attempted to use the polish at home by claiming they are a professional and purchasing the required equipment. This is not what should happen and it is vital anyone who uses any ‘Professional Only’ products, to attend the required courses for them first. Whether it be for nails, beauty or holistic therapy, training is an absolute must to avoid injury and many more complications.


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