Rumors have been spreading recently with regards to a so-called new treatment called the ‘Medi Pedi’. The new treatments claims to be more hygienic (medical grade) and provide less risk of infection. For anyone who has been on nail courses at the Academy, they should be aware that health and safety and hygiene are of utmost importance.


The ‘Medi Pedi’ treatments claim to use medical grade cleansing techniques and working techniques to reduce to a minimum, the risks of contacting any infections from the treatment.


Students are always told to dispose of their files and other ‘disposables’ after every treatment any way. Although this can be quite costly, at just £0.21 per file, its hardly going to break the bank; and with the possibilities of cross-contamination – why risk it?

Also, students must place all metal tools in a solution of Barbicide® to kill any bacteria and germs that your tools collect on the job.

At the Academy, nail courses include much more information regarding health and safety, client consultation and , of course, all things nails! Unfortunately, if anyone is interested in learning the skills needed to perform a manicure and pedicure, they will have to attend a course to get the most precise and professional guidance and assistance.


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