New on the scene, seems to be the latest innovation in quick eyelash extension treatments, what could it be? Its the new lash pod from Superdrug!

The new idea takes eyelash extension treatments to a whole new height! Superdrug is launching an eyelash extension treatment room over 400ft up in the air…in the London Eye!

Please note, this is a one-time offer and only available for winners of a competition. The Lash Pod exclusive treatment booth served 150 lucky winners on Friday 15th July 2011. This offer has now ended and the exlusive booth is no longer available.

The strip lashes are available in Superdrug stores in a variety of different thicknesses.

Although strip lashes do not last as long as individual lashes, the treatments are sure to be popular, especially at such low prices. People on eyelash extension courses will probably be aware of the job opportunities this new venture is sure to generate.

Generally, eyelash extension treatments cost around £100-£150  depending on the area and the time taken for the individual lash application.


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