As enthusiastic nail techs go, the team here at the Nails and Beauty Academy absolutely love learning about new treatments, techniques and even new places. Nails are popular world over and today, we’re going to be speaking about the fabulous street that has earned the nickname of “Rue De Beauté” Which means Beauty Street in French.

The Boulevard de Strasbourg is a hub of vibrant colours, exotic food and, most prominent of all, nail salons. People from all over Paris travel to the dozens of salons that line the streets with special offers and fancy new designs.

People on nail courses in London will be pleased to know that rates and fees for services here are significantly higher than in Paris! Standard fees for a 30 minute manicure in Paris is, on average, just £10. Generally, in the UK, especially in London, the fees are closer to £30.

Although the fees for nail services in Paris seem extremely low, the outgoings for living are also in line with the wages. For instance, a trip to the local supermarket for Bread, Eggs and Milk would only cost approximately £2.00, as opposed to over £5 in London and most of the UK’s similar sized cities.

What is most exciting about this wonderful road is that once anyone has completed their nail courses in the UK – or any other country for that matter – they have something in common with the millions of other nail technicians throughout our world. Now isn’t that a great reason to get started with training to become a nail tech?


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