New designer nail files have been launched by Nail Supplies 24/7. Students on nail courses today were pleased to find out how useful and attractive these files are.

Many clients have praised salon owners for their fabulous sense of style after stocking the latest colourful nail files. Salon owners have also seen a rise in sales since introducing the designer nail files to their customers.

The files come in a variety of different grit levels and many have stunning unique desings. From tropical scenes to smiley faces, the new files have a design to suit everyone.

The files have been met with criticism from some people, many believe that the designer files are not worth the extra price to pay as they are disposable anyway. People on nail courses in particular think that nail files should be discarded and replaced after each client to ensure health and hygiene in the work place. This attitude towards health and safety is fabulous for a salon environment, but home users of the files generally would only use the implement on themselves anyway, thus eliminating the chances of cross-infection.


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