Have you ever notice the beautifully manicured nails of some of TV’s most famous faces? Well, that’s a nail technician’s handy work right there!

As a nail technician, you can be taken all over the country working with clients. As a celebrity nail technician, you could find you schedule hectic, to say the very least.

Journeys throughout the country every day of the week and often travelling through the night is part of a daily routine for many close personal assistants of famous film, TV and media stars.

To work on set, you may need to have a professional qualification. This is something that many nail courses do not offer. The best way to get qualified is to attend a VRQ Level 2 Certificate in Nail Technology course.

Many areas of the country, especially in London, require all nail technicians to be licensed to practise their techniques. Generally, this means that they must have the equivalent of an NVQ/VRQ Level 2 qualification in a related subject. Other boroughs require that the technician have insurance, the only way to have insurance would be to pass a high quality training course that is accredited by a body, such as ABT insurance.

If the requirements of the set you wish to work on simply require the practical skills and a thorough knowledge of the subject, rather than a qualification as well, then the standard nail courses may be better suited to you. The Masters Diploma package course offers students the broadest range of skill sets and is truly at a bargain price.


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