So, you’re familiar with acrylic nail extensions, maybe UV gel overlays also, but do you know how useful fibreglass and silk overlays can be? People on nail courses learn, not only how to apply this amazing overlay, but also why we use it.

Although more fashionable in the north of England, people throughout the country use it when their nails are damaged also. The silk or fibreglass is more durable than the natural nail. If the nail is split, then to prevent further damage, an overlay of silk or fibreglass can be applied to ensure the nail splits no more.

Generally, you apply lots of resin to attach the fibreglass to the nail. Recent developments in nail technology, however, have seen sticky-back fibreglass been produced than eliminates the need for excessive resin to be applied. This new product both helps to save money on resin, but also reduces drying time and increases the turn around for new clients.

Although UV gel and Acrylic overlays have been and will, most probably, remain the most popular, many students on nail courses believe it is important to learn other skills and techniques to help others and earn a little extra money by having additional nail services under their belt. Remember, the Academy is open between 9am and 9pm, every day of the week. If you need any advice or assistance regarding any training seminars, then get in touch and speak to a friendly advisor!


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