Professional nail art products are often hard to find. With the latest new product from Nail Supplies 24/7, students on nail courses are pleased that they do not need to search for hours for affordable, high quality nail art supplies.

Nail Art Rhinestones

Nail Art Rhinestones

They come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours. From diamond to tear drop and red to vibrant, reflective rainbow-effect silver, the rhinestones for nail art are the perfect product when used professionally and can create truly unique and eye-catching designs.

The rhinestones can also be used on the toes and works very well with flip-flops. The summer sun can really light up your nails with these fabulous sparkly rhinestones.

When people learn how to apply nail stones when they are on nail courses, they sometimes find they drop off after just a few hours. This mostly occurs either because the natural nail plate has not been properly prepared, or that the rhinestone may have been stuck down, but not sealed with top coat, whether it be UV or regular.

The most common method of applying top coat is with simple, nail polish top coat. Some people, however, prefer to use UV top coat to both apply it onto the nail and seal under a UV lamp.


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