Kolinsky sable nail brushes, as students on nail courses will be aware, are an integral part of one of the most popular nail treatments – acrylic overlays. The natural hair does not ‘spring back’ as easily as synthetic fibres do, making Kolinsky sable brushes easier to use when patting and moulding an acrylic overlay onto the nail.

A range of brushes are available from most professional retailers and wholesalers of both artists brushes and specialist nail suppliers like Nail Supplies 24/7. In fact, the nail brushes from Nail Supplies 24/7 are some of the most affordable currently available in the UK.

The brushes come in a variety of different designs and colours. Most recently, a new metallic brush has been available for sale with a cap. This new product has met extreme demand both due to its stunning shiny design, as well as its convenience and protective qualities.

Many successful and accomplished graduates of nail courses are often shocked at the prices of a Kolinsky brush. Generally, for a standard, workable size, the expected prices are around £16 -£17. This often sets students budget for their new products spend significantly back.


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