You may not have thought flying would have much of an effect on your skin – but it does! According to a recent article published, the relative humidity of an aeroplane is just 10%, compared to an average of around 65% on-the-ground in the UK. Although these facts have barely any relation to what many people study on beauty courses, changes in humidity actually greatly effect the type of product you should be using on your clients. Whether its make-up or a general beauty treatment, its always important to keep an eye out on the weather and adapt your treatments to suit the ever-changing conditions.

This sudden drop in humidity can have ulterior effects on your skin condition.

Professional Make-up Artist, Amanda Jules, says “I’d always recommend you apply a good quality moisturiser before jumping on the plane as well as after” she then continued “if your skin feels particularly dry, then consider applying it during the journey as well”. Students on beauty courses may be interested to hear that they should always ensure their moisturiser is water-based and not oil-based as you want to feel fresh-faced at the end of your journey.

It is always important to change the type of products you use for the changing weather. Wearing an oil-based product on your skin in boiling hot weather may be a little less convenient than a water-based product.


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