Eyelash Extension Shapes

People on beauty courses may be interested to learn about what different shapes of eyelash extensions that you can use. Eyelash Extensions are synthetic materials manufactured in a variety of colours, thicknesses and curvatures.


Types of Eyelash Extension Shapes

  • J Curve LashesStandard Style of curl, generally the most popular type of lash used in most professional eyelash extension treatments. They provide a beautiful look that suits most peoples eyelashes perfectly.
  • Y Curve LashesThese type of eyelash extensions are split into two sections, enabling the lash extension technician to create fuller lashes much faster than they would using individual lashes.
  • C Curve LashesSlightly more curved than J curl lashes – yet still just as fashionable. More suitable for curvier lashes.
  • D Curve LashesGenerally used in film and theatre. This type of eyelash extension has an extreme curvature and really stands out!
  • B Curve LashesThis type of lash extension is relatively straight throughout with a very slight curl at the tip of the lash.


Natural Eyelash Length

Average length of the natural eyelash is 7mm – 9mm.


Eyelash Extension Thickness

  • Fine
  • Thick
  • Extra-Thick

Eyelash Extension Length

Eyelash extensions vary in length. The most popular lengths are around 6mm – 15mm. While on eyelash extension courses, students learn about all of the above and much more. Professional beauty staff teach the candidates the skills they need to learn in the most exciting, exacting and professional manner.

Extending Your Knowledge

Many people choose to advance their skills by focusing on what other techniques they can market towards their clients. With Eyelash Extensions, you need to have a suitable couch for the client to rest and relax on while undergoing the treatment. Why not offer them another service such as threading right after to shape up their eyebrows and really make them look gorgeous!


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