Most people on acrylic nail courses understand people’s desire to have beautifully smooth and solid nails. A number of creative nail techs have thought of stunning designs using acrylics and gels but rarely do we hear of snakeskin overlays. That’s right, Terri Silacci from California, USA, applies individually and specifically cut strips of discarded snake skins to the nails and seals them with UV gel overlays.

The amount of detail involved is incredible, however, with an average of two and a half hours per treatment. Its no surprise that this unique experience costs an incredible $300.

Providing a similar treatment in the UK, however, may prove to be quite difficult! Most students stick to learning the standard acrylic and gel nail extensions and add flair to their overlays by doing nail art.

With nail art, you can use a variety of different products, such as real crushed shells to create a multi-coloured snakeskin effect that not only look lovely, but doesn’t shock people too much when you tell them what its made of!

An extraordinary number of people are interested in having gel nail extensions and by learning how to apply them by enrolling on gel nail courses, its the perfect way to start in the nail industry. Standard overlays tend to be much more popular than unique designs. Perhaps with the latest developments in California, nail technicians throughout the UK will start to push the boat out a little bit more and offer more unique and intriguing services – while maintaining a clean and safe environment.


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