Today, people who have attended the Academy, particularly those on the professional range of nail courses, have learned that once they have their accredited certificate they can easily purchase products from Nail Supplies 24/7.


Today we’ve announced the latest popular products:- nail files.

Nail Supplies’ range of professional nail files start from just £0.21! That’s right! 100 nail files for just £2.10.

Black Nail Files

Black Nail Files

The range is manufactured using high quality materials to provide clients with a fast, safe and convenient treatment.

The files are available in a vast range of grit ratios, from 80/80 through to 180/240, so you’re sure to find the perfect file for your needs.

With salons throughout the country and even students on nail courses at the Nails and Beauty Academy using them, they are an essential everyday beauty accessory.


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