It may seem like an easy question, but beauty therapist understand that washing your face does not always mean caring for your face. A core element of most beauty courses is moisturizing and cleansing the skin. Cleansing removes the particulates and other impurities (dirt) from your face and often dries your skin. The moisturisers replenish the lost moisture and maintain fresh, flake-free layers of skin.


Use Gentle Soap

Use soaps that to not dry-out the skin and is simply a mild cleanser. Irritation after using soap is not an expected result. Wash your face using luke-warm water, not boiling hot. After washing, splash cold water onto your face to close your pores.

Moisturise After Use

If your skin feels tight or you have dry skin after washing, then a moisturiser could help. There are a huge array of different product that you can choose from.

Should I Use Creams?

Are creams good for you? Can you really look fresher faced by using creams? These are all questions people ask all the time. The answer varies depending on the condition of your skin.

The Retin-A is a very well known ‘anti-ageing’ ingredient that helps to repair sun-damaged skin, reduce the visibility of wrinkles and help those who suffer from acne. There are also a number of other treatments available that those who have attended beauty courses will easily understand and appreciate. Ask your local fully qualified¬† beauty therapist or GP for more information regarding treatments for acne.

Beauty Therapists will have already heard of other products available containing fruit acids, alternatively known as alpha hydroxy acids. These help remove dead skin cells and maintain a fresh-faced look.

Vitamin creams are also helpful, especially those containing vitamins A, C and E. These vitamins are thought to help repair the skin and protect it from free radicals. Free radicals are compounds with unpaired electrons that rapidly react often causing strange compounds to form and sometimes unwanted reactions to take place very quickly.

The standard cleanse, tone and moisturise is now made even easier with a number of brands of face cleansers already containing chemicals which help to remove the grease and tone your skin.




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