Any students enjoying nail courses may be interested to know that one of the world’s largest beauty brands, Barielle, has recently been acquired by Frisk industries.

Barielle range of products include nail care, skin care and foot care products.

Originally, the range was aimed at horses and was dedicated to strengthening the hooves of race horses. Many jockeys who applied the product noticed an improvement in the strength of their own nails, hence Barielle launched a range of products for the human market.

The products is aimed at weak and or hard to grow nails.

There are many other products in the industry which claim to dramatically improve the quality and strength of our natural nails. While attending nail courses, a large majority of people have already heard about vitamins being included in nail polish to help protect and often improve the nails.

Other quality products include general cuticle oil or other replenishing and revitalising products that you would have to learn while attending a training seminar at the Academy!


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