Today, attendees of beauty courses have been told of the latest innovations in the make-up industry: night make-up.

Wearing make-up in bed has always been a serious no-no. With the inevitable sticky, greasy mess left on your pillow, it no wonder we all need to remove our make-up before we sleep. What if you’re not confident with your partner and you, along with 16% of other women in a recent survey, feel unattractive without make-up? Well, the new product from Bare Escentuals has claimed their new night-time product to be suitable for wear in bed, leaving your face replenished in the morning!

These claims are, however, met with scepticism. Many people do not feel that wearing make-up in bed is healthy for your pores and general hygiene. ‘In general, it is better to keep your face clean of all make-up at night, especially if you are prone to breakouts and blocked pores,’ says Dr Susan Mayou, dermatologist at the Cadogan Clinic.

A number of students on beauty courses in London have learned to cleanse the face, tone the skin and then moisturise. Leaving make-up on overnight is normally deemed an accidental decision. With these new products, however, cleansing your face before you sleep may be a thing of the past…
As well as night-time make-up, there are a huge number of products on the market that can help your skin overnight. The Olay range of night-time products help to tighten your skin overnight, making it feel firmer, moisturising it to plump-up your skin and exfoliate it at the same time to leave it smoother by the time morning arrives.


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