For the past few days, we’ve written a series of mini articles on spray tanning:-

1.      What is in tanning products?

2.      Does professional tanning lead to better results?

In this short article, we explain the benefits and drawbacks of self tanning using airbrushes at home and whether it is safe as well as convenient.

In your local beauty salon or supermarket, you’re fairly likely to find a self tanning product. Whether it be a spray, a roll on or cream, they all profess to perform the same function.  The sprays, however, seem to be able to reach more specific areas such as the middle of your back.


Is self application of spray tanning products safe?

Well, a lot of research has been carried out by the FDA in America ( that suggests home spray tanning producs are perfectly safe so long as the users follow the instructions fully. Just like in the professinal’s spray tanning booth, you’ll need to close your eyes and hold our breath while the spray is in the air, although it tends to be a little less misty afterwards.

The drawbacks

Spray tanning at home very convenient. You save both time and money, but the process can be a tad messy with some cases of permanently stained flooring and walls being reported. Also, like any self applying product, reaching your back and other difficult-to-reach areas on your body can prove to be tiresome to say the least. Even if you’ve studied on a spray tanning course and learned how to apply the spray evenly, there is still a chance that that you’ll leave some areas darker than others giving you more of a tanned zebra-look than a beautiful even, darker tone.

Overall, it is probably better to choose a professional who has attended a beauty course that covers spray tanning if you want that completely even tone throughout. Although you could quite easily apply it yourself, back application and even application at that is often one of the most common problems people face.


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