Yesterday we discussed the ingredients used in spray tanning products. Those who find spray tanning courses of interest, may like to know what services you could offer.

Spray tanning in the UK is extremely popular with most salons providing the service at relatively reasonable rates.

Alan George, Beauty Therapist, says “spray tanning professionally helps to achieve an even tone throughout”. He added, “[clients] who spray at home are prone to numerous problems such as getting the fluid all over the place and very rarely have I heard of people having complete all over success when trying to spray on an even tan.”

While learning how to perform this lucrative and popular treatment from spray tanning courses, students learn how to spray not only an even tone, but also how to spray in six-pack abs and other muscle designs that are popular with women and men alike.

The only downside to spray tanning is that breathing in the fumes/mist that the machines produce is not entirely pleasant and can sometimes trigger adverse effects. It is alsways advisable to seek advice from your GP or healthcare professional before embarking on any beauty treatments.


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