Jacava captures the bright colours of Summer with 5 neon colour uv gels. The much anticipated British summer seems to have finally arrived and looks like its here to stay for slightly longer than the last few years! Rocking colours as bright as these, nail techs throughout the UK are desperate to get their hands on the exciting shades available.

Colour Gels

Professional Colour Gels - Bring on Summer!

To celebrate the joys of Summer, Jacava has 5 bright neon colours of UV gels available to purchase nationwide. The colours include blue, yellow, pink, green and orange. Bursting with colour, it’s hard not to spot nails when they’re this bright.

Perfect for use with all your favorite nail art applications, or if you’ve just finished a nail course, these are an absolutely fantastic way to show off some bright ideas and flourishing skills!

The 5 Shades of Summer Colour Gel; available now at www.nailsupplies247.co.uk.


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