Often, as a result of dark nail polish being applied to the nails, they have a tendency to turn yellow!


Why does this happen?

This strange colour is due to a chemical reaction between the nail plate and the colourant inside the polish. Also, a chemical called Formaldehyde, a common ingredient in many nail polishes, can make your nails brittle and yellow owing to the way in which it effects the keratin in the nail. Or, on the rare occasion, it could be due to a disorder of the nail called Yellow Nail Syndrome. If you think this may be a serious issue, we recommend you visit your local GP for accurate and professional medical advice. If you have ever been on nail courses or know someone who has attended one, you may already know the majority of what is included within this article.

Nail Polish

Nail Polish could turn your nails yellow

How Can You Stop The Yellowing of Nails?

There are a number of highly effective measures that one can take.

The most obvious, preemptive measure to take, would be to apply a base coat before you apply the nail polish. This will help to reduce the amount of staining as you have effectively applied a protective layer over the natural nail before applying a potentially discolouring shade of polish.

Try to look for polishes that do not contain formaldehyde, this should be quite easy, as there are quite a few brands that now do not contain formaldehyde. While learning nail technician skills on nail courses, many students have learned about the importance of not only correct product application, but also correct selection of products to use on the nails.

White nail polish turning yellow?

That’s easy, simply apply a UV resistant top coat to help prevent the UV rays from yellowing your beautiful white polish.


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