Sanitisers are a common product in almost every nail salon throughout the world. They help to fight bacteria and keep any problems at bay! Many have found, however, that repeated use of sanitisers, especially alcohol-based sanitisers, can severely dry your hands.

It is important to keep your work area clean as well as the hands of your clients and yourself. Using sanitiser is the sensible, and most popular, option for maintaining a safe level of hygiene. It does, however, after repeated daily use, dry out your hands. The high alcohol content not only helps to kill bacteria, but also evaporates after application and, in doing so,  removes moisture from your skin and nails. Students on nail courses should understand the importance of hygiene in a salon environment, but also be able to evaluate when to use sanitiser and when not to. Often, a machine can sanitise your tools far better than spray. Using a machine eliminates the risk of exposing your delicate skin to such potent chemicals.

It is recommended that if your skin is dry and chappy, simply apply some hand cream with emollients and your skin will feel softer and more silky sooner than you think! A large number of people do not understand just how easy it is to let your hands and nails health go awry, until they have been on nail courses and learned to recognise and treat potential problems sooner rather than later!


If your skin is prone to eczema, moisturising hand cream can help to significantly reduce the inflammation and help your skin repair itself much faster. It is recommended that anyone who wishes to improve their skin should seek advice from their GP if any worries come about. They can provide assistance and give recommendations on which products work best for whatever your condition.


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