Th professional crushed shells/cracked ice nail art system by Nail Supplies 24/7 is one of the best nail art products to use. The shells come in a variety of colours and are extremely easy to apply. Anyone who has learned nail art in the past from nail courses should know how to apply these fabulous products but we’ve knocked-up a short guide to help you get the most our of your new product.


1. Top Coat

Easy and simple, apply a single layer of top coat, whether it be UV gel top coat or ordinary nail polish top coat. Then apply the the crushed shells so that they stick to the surface. Let it dry (or cure if using UV gel top coat). Now apply a final layer, or two, and cure or dry once again. You should now have a stunning, shiny nail that everyone is going to be jealous of.


2. Embedding

You can also embed the cracked ice aka crushed shells into clear acrylic and UV gel. The method is similar to the one above and, unfortunately, you would need to go on a nail course for us to guide you through the techniques needed! We’ve got over 13 different nail training packages to choose from.


Rose Crushed Shells/Cracked Ice

Rose Crushed Shells/Cracked Ice

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