We’ve all heard of the famous manicure, but do you all know about the important products used that make a manicure what it is today?

The manicure bowl is an essential part of any manicure treatment. The fabulous plastic manicure bowls from Nail Supplies 24/7 is a perfect addition to your toolset.

Ergonomically designed, your hand easily fits into the moulded shapes to give your clients the most rewarding and relaxing treatment possible. The hand bowl is clear and glass like and fits onto any standard manicure tables. While on nail courses, students learn how to recognise quality products and how to use them. This manicure bowl is one of the professional products students find most useful to use whilst both learning and in the salon environment.

A handy hole is included for those who have handles like those in supermarkets to hang their products on. This is extremely useful if you need them to be readily available. This manicure bowl is also stackable to a certain extent (no more than 5 or 6 in height).


This great manicure bowl is available at Nail Supplies 24/7 – www.NailSupplies247.co.uk


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