In an effort to help inmates to lead a legitimate life after completing their jail term, Sabarmati prison in India has introduced beauty courses, completely free of charge. The new initiative is thought to be delivered to 100 people.

The jail superintendent says “There is also an underlying idea that once they have these skills, they will not indulge in criminal activities but utilise their expertise and do something constructive after they are out of jail,”.

The courses will include make-up application and hairdressing, in addition to the range of beauty treatment training that will be offered.

The courses are aimed at making the prisoners self-sufficient after they leave the institution. “These courses will help them earn their livelihood and lead a dignified life after they complete their terms here. Hopefully, they will also be in a position to support their families financially,” RJ Parghi, the superintendent elaborated.

As well as beauty courses, the inmates are are also already learning how to make incense sticks, sewing techniques and needlework – all with a view to help them lead successful lives upon completion of their term.


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