No matter how much face cream you use, how stylishly you dress and how little wrinkles you may have on your face. Although beauty courses can provide advise on skincare and other useful beautiful information, beauty therapists are rarely qualified doctors and we would always recommend you consult a professional GP or cosmetic surgeon if you require medical advise regarding potentially dangerous treatments. If your hiding your true age, your hands are often the main giveaway. The hands are subjected to the extremes of temperature, strong chemicals, sunlight and many more possibly harmful materials. More often than not, this causes premature skin dryness as well as helping to introduce age spots and freckles. Also as we age, our veins protrude more easily through the skin on our hands.


So how can we mask our true age?

Topical treatment of retin-A or glycolic acid can help liver/age spots to fade over time and, of course, you could always try out microdermabrasion treatments if you want them gone as soon as possible!


If veins are the tell-tale signs of your true age, you could always try plumping your hands up with fat taken from another area of your body. Yes, extreme, but popular nonetheless.


Your local beauty therapist may also be able to help out by recomending quality creams and lotions to use on your hands. Masking someone’s true age is soomething everybody is interested in on beauty courses and it is no wonder that anti-ageing treatments command an incredible £200 billion market worldwide, every year!


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