There are a huge number of people, throughout the world, who have dark rings/circles under their eyes.  A common solution that works for many is to get more hours sleep at night. This, however, is not the same for everyone.

A number of students who have successfully completed beauty courses have found that a number of their clients request treatment for a wide variety of under-eye conditions. Often, the most sensible is to simply use concealer.

Often, these  dark rings under the eyes are caused by having larger upper eyelids and more inset under-eyes. This has the effect of shadowing the under-eye and creating a dark ringed effect. This can sometimes be caused by extra fluid building up in the eyelids. An easy remedy could be to sleep with a raised head instead.


Another reason could be that you have thin skin under the eyes, thereby allowing blood vessels to show through. This is a common occurrence as we become older or if we are prone to thin skin. In addition to thin skin, large, sometimes protruding blood vessels can also contribute to the dark rings. Whilst focusing hard on the topics covered in many beauty courses, you may have found that blood vessels appear as dark purple lines through the skin, which can sometimes make people feel unsure of their appearance. Its just natural! If you’re really unsure then either apply some concealer or ask your local beauty therapist to apply it for you!


It is important to realise that these dark rings may or may not be caused by fatigue and if you are concerned about any condition, you should enlist the help of a qualified doctor who will be able to provide more sound advice on the subject.



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