A variety of people are extremely interested threading and search through tens of different beauty courses every day until they manage to find the perfect course for them. Threading is becoming more popular every day with small stores popping up in shopping centres and salons up and down the country.

Threading is already a popular treatment in countries such as Iran and Pakistan and is now increasingly popular in the UK. Seen as a more efficient alternative to tweezing the eyebrows, threading is being adopted by both men and women who feel it is important to maintain a perfect brow line. Threading is also used on other areas of the face, particularly above the lip.

Students enjoy beauty courses that include threading as one of the modules, as they are confident that they too will have the knowledge necessary to provide treatments on the public. Providing more treatments generally attracts more clients and, therefore, more income!


There are a few draw backs that beauty therapist, Heather Meyers, points out: “Threading in public places can be quite daunting for people as they feel very exposed” she added, “[threading], despite being popular, is still a very young treatment for the UK and not as many people know about it as could be possible.”.


Several people who are express interest in threading are generally familiar with other treatments that beauty therapists can offer. Generally a beauty therapist will display a beauty school certificate in their salon’s which displays the skills that they have learned on their beauty courses. This is important as it not only demonstrates their ability, but also shows that the therapist is proud of their achievements and is not afraid to practise the skills they have learned to the utmost professional standard.


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